Writing Prompt: 05/31/10

"Your phone rings. When you answer it, you make a startling discovery: the person on the other end is dead. What does he/she say and why are they calling you?"

Write for 15-30 minutes. My response will be posted 6/02/10.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Author's Comments: Calling Home

First I want to give a little shout out to Jon Strother of Mad Utopia. Jon's put together a really cool idea called the Friday Flash. This is a list of online stories that authors post links to on his web site. Every Friday these examples of short fiction are released on a flash list, which you can find on twitter and other places by searching for"#fridayflash."

Last week my horror story Awakening was my debut contribution. It was written in response to the writing prompt I tweeted last Monday.

Every Monday there's a writing prompt, and every Tuesday I'm posting my response to it. Yesterday's prompt was: "Examine the cliche of a soldier who fled from battle. Does he redeem himself or punish himself or..."

Calling Home is the story of a survivor, a man who made it through combat without a scratch-- that shows.

Every battle has a story like this. Every war has a tale of woe and dread. It doesn't make war unforgivable, as some people suggest, because there are times when societies, like people, have to defend themselves.

What is important to the author, though, when making a believable character, is to recognize that battle changes people. Whether it's a fistfight in a bar that turns ugly or an all out invasion of a planet, even the survivors die a little... or a lot.


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