Writing Prompt: 05/31/10

"Your phone rings. When you answer it, you make a startling discovery: the person on the other end is dead. What does he/she say and why are they calling you?"

Write for 15-30 minutes. My response will be posted 6/02/10.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Video Trailer: Crossed Swords Book One

It's here! The long anticipated trailer for my upcoming fantasy series Crossed Swords.

Special thanks to a number of unsung artists, and to David Garrett for his orchestral rendition of He's a Pirate by Klaus Badelt.

Christopher Rivan

Virgins Slain, Dragons Rescued.
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  1. See now, until I read your "About The Author", I didn't know you'd finished this. Last time I'd asked you about it you'd said you hadn't had the time to write. How very exciting this is - when can I get MY copy ?!?

  2. Um... it's actually not finished yet. The trailer is sort of my little contract with the world to finish the damn thing by August 2011.

    After all... by then it will have been eighteen years. That's long enough.

    What'd you think of the trailer?

  3. Very cool trailer. It built up the excitement quite well. I especially liked: "This war is not a game." Good music during it, too.